Ian Cameron, Optometrist

Passionate, talented and highly ambitious for his patients.

Ian has been with Cameron Optometry since 2005 and is widely considered to be a rising star in this field.  Ambitious for the benefit of patients, he is one of the few optometrists newly accredited to dispense drugs from within the practice by successfully gaining a DipTP (IP).  Building on these strengths, he has established referral initiatives with local GPs and pharmacists to time critically manage patients who present with eye care needs.

During his time here, Ian has been shortlisted for an Optician Award.  He is driven to deliver and share best practice in the sector as a regular speaker on the UK optometry circuit on a range of eye care subjects with particular emphasis on contact lens practice.  Ian is a member of the J&J “The Vision Care Institute” Faculty and his application for fellowship of the BCLA is currently being considered.