Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelid edges and typically affects both eyes.  It is a common disorder and, as a chronic condition, means that daily treatment is necessary to keep the condition under control. 


Some patients have no symptoms at all but typically they include:

  • Itchy, burning, sticky, watery eyes
  • Crusted lids on awakening
  • Redness of the eyelid rims
  • Gritty sensation leading to irritated eyes and light sensitivity
  • Dandruff-like scaly skin flakes along the lid edges or base of eyelashes
  • Dry eyes
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses
  • Recurrent styes and cysts


  • Bacterial infection
  • Dermatitis
  • Faulty eyelid glands
  • Allergic reaction


Because it is a chronic condition, it can be controlled by treatment on an ongoing basis but is unlikely to disappear.  Treatment is painless and consists of daily cleaning of the eyelashes and lid margins. 

Initially symptoms can be alleviated by applying a warm compress to closed lids at night either by using a microwavable compress MGDR Eye Bag (£20.00) or by warming cotton wool /flannel in hot water.  In addition, we recommend cleaning the lids with a sterile cleaning solution. 

Cameron Optometry offers a discounted payment plan for four market leading products which significantly reduces the overall cost of treating blepharitis:

1. Daily Disposable Wipes (preservative free) – Blephaclean

Daily sterile disposable wipes, applied one to each eye once or twice a day, which is a preservative-free, no-fuss treatment ideal for sensitive skin.

£9.00 for pack of 20 wipes

CO Direct Debit with 15% discount £12.12/month (minimum one year) saving £25.56/year

2. Daily Disposable Wipes Supranettes

Daily sterile disposable wipes, applied to each eye once or twice a day. 

£5.00 for pack of 20 wipes

CO Direct Debit £6.46/month with 15% discount (minimum one year) saving £13.69/year

3. Preservative Free Solution- Blephasol

Apply solution to cotton wool or gauze and using one per eye, wipe the affected lids once or twice a day.  No rinsing required.

£9.78 for 100ml

CO Direct Debit £6.24/month with 15% discount (minimum one year) saving £13.20/year

4. Hypo Allergenic Gel – Blephagel

Perfume free, non greasy gel for applying at night by hand and wiping off in the morning with cotton wool or gauze per eye.

£9.99 for 40gm

CO Direct Debit £6.37/month with 15% discount (minimum one year) saving £13.50/year

  • In some cases, artificial tear drops or gel can be applied to combat symptoms of dry eye. 
  • If blepharitis is associated with rosacea, psoriasis or dandruff, treating the underlying causes is helpful.
  • In severe cases, antibiotic eye ointment or tablets can be prescribed but ongoing cleaning will also be required.

Patients awaiting cataract operations or corneal grafts will have to treat blepharitis before surgery can take place as it is important to remove debris and bacteria.

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