Contact lens care & handling advice

Feeling in the dark about contact lenses? Cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses is vital for:

  • enhancing the performance of your lens
  • comfort
  • keeping infections at bay

First time contact lens wearers get an initial handling session with us.  Parents and guardians too may need some training for young wearers but patients as young as six can independently insert lenses.

And we offer unlimited follow-up visits.  Getting it right so patients get confident is our goal.


  1. Wash hands and go to a mirror you can get close up to.
  2. Place the lens on the middle finger of your dominant hand with the concave side uppermost.  This is the curvier of the two sides.
  3. Using two fingers of your other hand, gently pull the top lid from above.
  4. With your ring finger, gently pull the lower lid of your eye down.
  5. Looking straight ahead into the mirror, put the lens gently on the centre of the eye and apply a little pressure to expel any air trapped under the lens.
  6. Slowly release the lower lid and a moment later, release the upper lid blinking gently.
  7. If you are using a case, rinse out with water and allow to air-dry.
  8. Repeat for the other eye.


  1. Wash hands.
  2. Pull down the lower lid with your middle finger of your dominant hand.
  3. Place the tips of your other index finger and thumb against the sides of the lens.
  4. Pressing the lens slightly to gently pinch from the eye.
  5. Clean and rinse the lens according to your solutions instructions.
  6. Place the lens in the storage case.
  7. Repeat for the other eye.

We recommend that wearers with two lenses should get into the habit of inserting and removing the right eye first to avoid mixing them up during the process.

First time wearers are recommended to try for a few hours initially and build up tolerance over a week or so as suits.

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