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Advice about swimming in contact lenses

05th September 2012

The risks of swimming with contact lenses are causing a stir in the media following the case of Jennie Hurst. Jennie was featured in the Daily Mail talking about how she lost vision in her left eye af...

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Bionic eyes shows continued success

02nd September 2012

An Australian group have restored some minimal sight to a patient through an implanted bionic eye. The implant is connected to an external head mounted camera which sends impulses to electrodes plante...

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Totally distortion free lens created

25th August 2012

It's actually even better than the title suggests as boffins at Harvard have created a ultrathin lens that focusses light without creating any image distortion of any kind at all. Without going into t...

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Approved specs for the orthodox

22nd August 2012

It's not easy for me to verify this story but more reputable sources than this blog have picked it up: street vendors are selling stick on glasses patches to blur the vision of jews concerned about th...

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Potential cure for Dry AMD

11th August 2012

There has been a breakthrough in the treatment of the previously untreatable form of macular degeneration ('dry AMD'). Kentucky vision Scientists have discovered the complex chain reaction of proteins...

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Caffeine raises eye pressure

09th August 2012

A big and seemingly well designed study has shown the effect of caffiene on intraocular pressure (IOP). 106 patients split into 4 groups (3 types of glaucoma, 1 no glaucoma) and were seen twice. Befo...

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The final frontier

07th August 2012

You may not know but I seriously entertained becoming an astronaut. In fact I actually applied to the European Space Agency while I was at university studying optometry. I really wanted to use my opto...

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Scottish eye exams up by 6%

03rd August 2012

There were 100,000 more eye exams carried out in Scotland in 2011-12 compared to the year before. The increase from 1.8million to 1.9million exams is positive for Scotland, where other regions are see...

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London 2012 – A Royal appointment

30th July 2012

The highlights of yesterday could fill pages but being a few feet from the Queen and Prince Phillip at lunchtime was definitely one. I also had a once in a lifetime chance to sit and chat with a forme...

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Honey cures eight year blepharitis

26th July 2012

Click here for our latest information on our blepharitis treatments. It's hard to know how to respond to this one but apparently a 99p jar of honey from Tesco has cured an eight-year misery case of b...

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