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Another frame we’ll never stock

03rd July 2012

Hot on the heels of the bizarre looking A-Frame comes the Ron Arad 'Corbs'. Apparently taking inspiration from a vertebrates spine, the sunglasses are designed without hinges to give a snugger fit t...

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Shorter female arms mean reading glasses sooner!

30th June 2012

Some brave souls in America have suggested that the reason women need reading glasses before men is due to the their smaller stature and therefore shorter arms. Many studies have demonstrated women r...

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London 2012 – the countdown begins…

27th June 2012

The first of Gillian's blog posts from the Olympic front-line as she volunteers in the health clinic as an optometrist during the 2012 Games. Would love to post some pictures of my weekend in London b...

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Glasses to fit any face

26th June 2012

These frankly quite awful looking glasses are actually quite innovative and may be coming to a shelf near you. Ron Arad's A-frame series are so adjustable they can fit almost any face. The nose piece...

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Fruit eating diabetics get less retinopathy

24th June 2012

People with diabetes who eat a lot of fruit are least likely to develop diabetic retinopathy (diabetic eye disease). An unpublished study of nearly 1000 people in Japan with diabetes found that thos...

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Corneal Cross Linking shows good long term results

22nd June 2012

Results of a 2 year study into the long term effects of Corneal Cross Linking (CXL) in people with progressive keratoconus have shown encouraging results. Corneal cross linking has been gaining a repu...

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NHS Managers rationing cataract surgery

21st June 2012

Local NHS management boards are restricting cataract surgery in an effort to save money, the RNIB has found. This story has been on the news quite a bit over the last few days and cataract surgery isn...

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Spaced out text increases reading speed in dyslexia

20th June 2012

Spreading letters of words further apart has been shown to help children with dyslexia read faster and more accurately. Difficulty in reading and finding letters jumbled up are common early signs of d...

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Fascinating optical illusion

06th June 2012

A intriguing optical illusion has been doing the rounds on the internet call the "Flashed Face Distortion Effect". It's probably best to just watch it first then read about the explanation. Academi...

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‘First in the world’ new lenses

30th May 2012

Because we've been specialising in contact lenses for longer than just about everyone else we're quite often invited to try out new lenses on our loyal and experienced patients. Ian recently went down...

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