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Eye scan can monitor the extent of MS

12th February 2013

As you may have noticed at your eye appointments over the last couple of years, in addition to taking a retinal photograph of your eyes we offer a scan of the deeper retinal layers, using our Optical ...

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2nd Edinburgh Keratoconus Group meeting

17th November 2012

The Keratoconus Group is resourcing and self help group for people with keratoconus. Cameron Optometry has long been a supporter and we have often travelled to Glasgow to attend and speak at meetings....

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AAO Phoenix 2012 – Day 3: A tale of 2 weather systems

27th October 2012

I kid you not, this is the weather in Phoenix. It's hard to beleive it is almost November - I dread to think what it's like here in summer. In fact it's hard to believe it's on the same planet heated ...

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American Academy of Optometry 2012 – Phoenix, AZ

23rd October 2012

1 hour to London and then 10 hours to Phoenix. It's a long way to travel but if you are serious about getting access to the best optometry education in the world, it's got to be America and it's got t...

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Long eyes less likely to have diabetic retinopathy

09th September 2012

Finally some good news for the short sighted as people with long axial lengths (that is the length of the eyeball, front to back) are less likely to suffer from diabetic eye disease. Myopia or shortsi...

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Glaucoma plugs could stop the need for drops

08th September 2012

A trial of a new method of delivering glaucoma medication by using a slow release punctum plug has started. Glaucoma usually requires patients to permanently take drops once or twice a day to reduce p...

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Advice about swimming in contact lenses

05th September 2012

The risks of swimming with contact lenses are causing a stir in the media following the case of Jennie Hurst. Jennie was featured in the Daily Mail talking about how she lost vision in her left eye af...

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Bionic eyes shows continued success

02nd September 2012

An Australian group have restored some minimal sight to a patient through an implanted bionic eye. The implant is connected to an external head mounted camera which sends impulses to electrodes plante...

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Potential cure for Dry AMD

11th August 2012

There has been a breakthrough in the treatment of the previously untreatable form of macular degeneration ('dry AMD'). Kentucky vision Scientists have discovered the complex chain reaction of proteins...

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Caffeine raises eye pressure

09th August 2012

A big and seemingly well designed study has shown the effect of caffiene on intraocular pressure (IOP). 106 patients split into 4 groups (3 types of glaucoma, 1 no glaucoma) and were seen twice. Befo...

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