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Optometrist Gillian Bruce to compete in Great Ethiopian Run for Vision Aid Overseas

20th August 2015

Gillian shares her motivations for competing for this invaluable charity Running is a wonderful sport. It requires little more than a pair of trainers and some get up and go. The World Athletic Cham...

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Signs of cataracts appearing earlier

12th August 2015

There was a worrying article in this week’s Optician Magazine summarising research that has found that patients are developing cataracts at an earlier age. A third of British adults knew someone who...

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Cameron Optometry welcomes new screening specialist

17th July 2015

We are delighted to welcome Andrea Salgado to the team at Cameron Optometry. Before joining us, Andrea was an optometrist living and working in Madrid, specialising in contact lenses in particular Ort...

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Short-sightedness in children must be managed

12th May 2015

A study out this week has found that yet again the rate of myopia (short-sightedness) in young people is on the rise. Now more common between aged 25 and 29 than those aged 55 to 59, with as many as h...

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Through a shark’s eyes

08th May 2015

The Shark documentary on BBC 1 last night was fascinating (and a pleasant break from GE coverage!). Sharks have a bad reputation, not least as a result of the 1970’s blockbuster, Jaws. But actually ...

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Sunglasses – not just a style statement

06th May 2015

I’ve been reluctant to start this blog. Talking about sunglasses and sunny weather will no doubt result in a May where the sun goes AWOL. Regardless, it is good to remember sunglasses aren’t just ...

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Ian Cameron named UK Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year

22nd April 2015

Pioneering work recognised at Optician Awards We are delighted to announce that managing director, Ian Cameron, has been named UK Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year at this year’s Optician Awa...

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Calls for tighter regulation on the laser eye industry

18th April 2015

Further to a report calling for tighter regulations in the laser eye sector, Ian appeared as an expert guest on BBC Radio Scotland to discuss the procedure. At the moment anyone who is a qualified doc...

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Optometrists could ease pressure on GP practices

24th March 2015

As pressure on GP surgeries mount and patient groups call for better access to doctors, pharmacists are being lined up to assist in relieving this pressure. Optometrists could also play a role in free...

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Don’t let the eclipse leave you with eye damage

19th March 2015

As Friday morning’s celestial spectacle nears, people are flocking to Scotland for the best view of the first eclipse in over 15 years. Not to be the ones to spoil a party, we must take this opportu...

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