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Gene therapy breakthrough could improve sight

19th January 2014

After years of exploration, I was delighted to read that scientists at Oxford Uni have succeeded in restoring the sight in people with a form of degenerative eye disease. Choroideremia affects abou...

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Contact lens specialist symposium 2013

08th October 2013

Cameron Optometry were invited to attend the first CLSS specialist contact lens symposium in London last weekend. World leading experts , and great speakers such as Pat Caroline, Randy Kojima, and Ee...

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The cornea…but not as we knew it

09th July 2013

Patients often tell us that at each visit we unveil some new exciting gadget or piece of technology for investigating the health of their eyes. It seems like that to us too! In this ever changing tecn...

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Computer games could be good for your eyes

23rd April 2013

It’s not the sort of advice you might expect from your optometrist but current research from  McGill University in Canada suggests that playing the video game Tetris may be an effective way of impr...

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Eye scan can monitor the extent of MS

12th February 2013

As you may have noticed at your eye appointments over the last couple of years, in addition to taking a retinal photograph of your eyes we offer a scan of the deeper retinal layers, using our Optical ...

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AAO 2012 Phoenix – Day 1: A nerd’s paradise

25th October 2012

If you love eyes, AAO is like Nirvana. Is your chance to be as nerdy as you like about eyes and no one thinks you're weird or boring! I only made it to 4am before I was wide awake but fortunately had ...

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AAO 2012 Phoenix – Day 2: A view into the future

02nd October 2012

Well day 2 has been even better than day 1 although it was another 4am start. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop, there are so many interesting lectures I'm having a hard time choosing. I opted for "What'...

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Long eyes less likely to have diabetic retinopathy

09th September 2012

Finally some good news for the short sighted as people with long axial lengths (that is the length of the eyeball, front to back) are less likely to suffer from diabetic eye disease. Myopia or shortsi...

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Glaucoma plugs could stop the need for drops

08th September 2012

A trial of a new method of delivering glaucoma medication by using a slow release punctum plug has started. Glaucoma usually requires patients to permanently take drops once or twice a day to reduce p...

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Bionic eyes shows continued success

02nd September 2012

An Australian group have restored some minimal sight to a patient through an implanted bionic eye. The implant is connected to an external head mounted camera which sends impulses to electrodes plante...

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