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Totally distortion free lens created

25th August 2012

It's actually even better than the title suggests as boffins at Harvard have created a ultrathin lens that focusses light without creating any image distortion of any kind at all. Without going into t...

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Potential cure for Dry AMD

11th August 2012

There has been a breakthrough in the treatment of the previously untreatable form of macular degeneration ('dry AMD'). Kentucky vision Scientists have discovered the complex chain reaction of proteins...

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Caffeine raises eye pressure

09th August 2012

A big and seemingly well designed study has shown the effect of caffiene on intraocular pressure (IOP). 106 patients split into 4 groups (3 types of glaucoma, 1 no glaucoma) and were seen twice. Befo...

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The final frontier

07th August 2012

You may not know but I seriously entertained becoming an astronaut. In fact I actually applied to the European Space Agency while I was at university studying optometry. I really wanted to use my opto...

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Eye test ignorance widespread…(except at CO)

24th July 2012

Bausch & Lomb (a contact lens manufacturer) has released some details about people's attitude to eye examinations which makes quite sad reading if you're an optometrist. 63% of people in the sur...

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Sony demo new anti-glare coating

06th July 2012

Sony have shown off a new type of coating which virtually eliminates glare from touchscreens. Now I don't want to be a pedant about things but it's not strictly speaking 'glare' and also there is no s...

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Another frame we’ll never stock

03rd July 2012

Hot on the heels of the bizarre looking A-Frame comes the Ron Arad 'Corbs'. Apparently taking inspiration from a vertebrates spine, the sunglasses are designed without hinges to give a snugger fit t...

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Shorter female arms mean reading glasses sooner!

30th June 2012

Some brave souls in America have suggested that the reason women need reading glasses before men is due to the their smaller stature and therefore shorter arms. Many studies have demonstrated women r...

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Fruit eating diabetics get less retinopathy

24th June 2012

People with diabetes who eat a lot of fruit are least likely to develop diabetic retinopathy (diabetic eye disease). An unpublished study of nearly 1000 people in Japan with diabetes found that thos...

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Corneal Cross Linking shows good long term results

22nd June 2012

Results of a 2 year study into the long term effects of Corneal Cross Linking (CXL) in people with progressive keratoconus have shown encouraging results. Corneal cross linking has been gaining a repu...

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