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MIT produces self cleaning glass

03rd May 2012

Boffins at MIT have come up with a new type of glass that resists fogging, eliminates reflections and is 'self cleaning'. The surface of the glass is covered with tiny nanocones (1000 times thinner...

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AMD increases risk of stroke

02nd May 2012

People with AMD are at a increased risk of having a stroke, new research has suggested. Following over 12,000 patients over 13 years, the study found that those with any AMD were about 50% more likely...

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Blind mice see again

19th April 2012

The journal Nature has published evidence of blind mice being made to see after receiving a transplant of retinal cells. The mice received an implant of immature retinal rod cells taken from younger m...

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Immune system could stop AMD

16th April 2012

Researchers in Ireland have found that part of the immune system is involved in the development of Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and by controlling it, could prevent the progression of the di...

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High altitude could prevent glaucoma

15th April 2012

A very interesting study using mice has found that intermittent exposure to low levels of oxygen (such as might be found at high altitude) can strengthen retinal nerve cells and prevent glaucoma. The ...

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Eye tremor could be first sign of Parkinson’s

12th April 2012

A study has shown that minute eye tremor is highly suggestive of Parkinsons and visible even before any other signs of the disease. 112 patients with Parkinson's were tested, including newly diagnosed...

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Eye scan detects heart disease

11th April 2012

Work is underway on developing a scanning system for the eye which will be able to detect and grade heart disease. For many years, it has been well known that the blood vessels of the eye give an indi...

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New glasses help you lose weight!

04th April 2012

Joking aside, researchers lead by Professor Michitaka Hirose at Tokyo University have been designed a special optical system that helps you lose weight. The system uses a camera and viewing system bu...

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AMD prevalence increases 4x per decade

04th April 2012

A recent meta analysis of journal articles has found the prevalence of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) increases 4 times for every decade of age beyond 50. 46 papers from 1950 onwards were anal...

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Insulin can be produced by the gut in diabetics

21st March 2012

Novel research in Columbia University has found a new source of insulin secreting cells - intestine cells. People with type 1 diabetes are unable to produce enough insulin which is responsible for bre...

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