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Glaucoma not just an eye disease

19th March 2012

Glaucoma, long held to be a disease primarily of higher than normal pressure inside the eye, in reality may be a degenerative neurological disease which causes the neural cell death in a similar fashi...

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Stem cell injection improves vision

06th March 2012

The Lancet is reporting on an important new breakthrough in the fight against sight loss. Embryonic stem cell transplants have restored vision to patients registered blind as a result of AMD and Starg...

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New laser technique for early AMD

03rd March 2012

A new non-invasive laser surgery technique is being developed at King's College London that may delay the onset and development of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The technique rejuvenates the...

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Edinburgh pioneers stem cell corneal treatments

02nd March 2012

Doctors in Edinburgh and Glasgow have come together to perform groundbreaking surgery to treat corneal blindness using stem cells (where the cornea is unable to transmit light through to the retina ma...

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Optic nerve regeneration possible

15th February 2012

Scientists in Boston have found a new way to re-grow damaged optic nerves. The finding will give new hope for people who have been left blind and partially sighted by injuries to the cells. The scient...

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Implant could banish regular eye drops and injections

05th February 2012

A new implant could help treat patients suffering from common eye conditions such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. A tiny coil, known as an I-vation is inserted into the back of the e...

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