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NOTE: due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are currently unable to provide face-to-face consultations however, we are still available for consultations via phone, or video call.

We urge you to always make your optometrist your first port of call with any eye ailment. GPs do not have the technology available to provide an accurate diagnosis 100% of the time and do not have the specialist experience that we do.

Whatever the issue, be it a suspected eye infection, a scratch or just something you feel you would like checked out, please book in. Same day appointments are available, as are emergency out-of-hours appointments.

If you require any medication, such as eye drops for conjunctivitis or other minor infections, we are able to prescribe them for you, in the same way your GP would. It is also worth noting that we use eye drops to suit the individual. Traditionally, antibiotic eye drops have to be inserted up to eight times a day and kept in the fridge, however we can for example provide a drop that is used far less frequently for those who are not keen on having eye drops inserted.

All appointments are free under the Vision+ membership scheme.