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Myopia Management

Myopia Management is a way to slow the progression of a child’s short-sightedness using specialist contact lenses or spectacle lenses. Cameron Optometry has many years experience in this area and seen some impressive results.

Myopia explained

Myopia is the medical term for short-sightedness, when the eyeball is too long or too powerful, causing objects in the distance to look blurred. Generally once you have myopia your prescription declines over time, in particular during childhood as the eye grows.

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Myopia advice

Having family members who are short-sighted is a strong risk factor. While we can’t do anything about our genetics, there are simple steps you can take to reduce the chance of your child becoming short-sighted.

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What is Myopia Management

Myopia Management (also known as Myopia Control) aims to slow the progression of myopia in children through identifying risk factors, making adjustments to lifestyle, specialised contact lenses, and specially designed spectacle lenses.

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Treatment options

Myopia Management contact lenses and glasses are designed to correct your child’s vision by slowing the process of elongation and enlargement of the eyeball. There are various types of Myopia Management lenses available currently.

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As soon as myopia is diagnosed, we would recommend speaking to an optometrist about the contact lenses. To be considered for MiSight then children must currently have a prescription of no higher than -6.00D with very little astigmatism.

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Vision+ membership

All our Myopia Management patients are on our exclusive membership scheme, Vision+. As a member of Vision+ your child will have access to the highest level of eye care available. Other benefits include:

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Our expertise

Our award-winning team have specialist expertise in Myopia Management and are regularly called upon to share their expertise with other optometrists. Cameron Optometry was the first practice in the area to offer Myopia Management and now has considerable expertise in this area.

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Book an assessment

At Cameron Optometry, we offer a free initial Myopia Management assessment.

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