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Who is suitable for Myopia Management contact lenses?

As soon as myopia is diagnosed, we would recommend speaking to an optometrist about the contact lenses. To be considered for MiSight then children must currently have a prescription of no higher than -6.00D with very little astigmatism. Orthokeratology works best for prescriptions of less than -5.00D, again with little astigmatism. There are however other options if you have a higher prescription or astigmatism so please contact our optometrists to discuss this further.

At what age can children wear Myopia Management lenses?

Children as young as seven-years-old wear Myopia Management contact lenses. Parents/carers will be the best judge of whether they would be able to care for them. We are often surprised just how capable young children dealing with their lenses. Our incredible team of handling experts help build their confidence handling, inserting, cleaning and teaching them how they would handle them out the home e.g. if they got something in their eye during the day.

We ensure they are totally confident before allowing them to take them home and then monitor their progress closely. Interestingly, research shows that the risk of infection to children wearing contact lenses is no higher than that of adults and in fact the youngest age group of children may have the lowest risk altogether.