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Vision+ membership

All our Myopia Management patients are on our exclusive membership scheme, Vision+. As a member of Vision+ your child will have access to the highest level of eye care available. Other benefits include:

  • All appointments, including their annual check up, interim visits and any emergency (including out-of-hours) appointments, for example if they have an eye infection, scratched eye or you/they feel their vision has changed and you want it re-examined.
  • All scans and tests that we perform during any appointment, using the most advanced equipment available globally, in the hands of a team of Myopia Management specialists.
  • 20% off their contact lenses that are already competitively priced, making it the most cost-effective way to pay for Myopia Management lenses.
  • 25% of all glasses purchases, including sunglasses, and an interest-free credit payment scheme, great for those who like to have glasses as a backup for their contact lenses.
  • Replacement, like for like, of damaged or lost glasses at 50% off.