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What is Myopia Management?

What is Myopia Management

Myopia management aims to slow down the progression of myopia in children and young adults through lifestyle changes, the use of specialised contact lenses, eye drops (not available in the UK) and specially designed spectacle lenses. It is unlikely that myopia management will stop the progression of myopia completely and the “average” child will still have some progression of myopia even with myopia management. The concept of myopia management has been studied for around seven years now but research into the causes of myopia and how to slow its progression has been ongoing for decades. 

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At Cameron Optometry our expertise in contact lenses and spectacle lenses, allows us to provide the most advanced options available based on up to date research. We have now been successfully fitting children with contact lenses for myopia management since 2015. Research has found the results of myopia management using specialised contact lenses, to be effective, with recent studies showing that a 59% reduction in the progression of myopia is achievable and that contact lenses are tolerated very well by children. An example of this would be a child who comes for an eye examination with a prescription of -2.00DS. If we calculate that they are likely to reach -6.00DS by the time they are 17 then by using myopia management contact lenses we would hope that their final prescription would end up as -4.25DS. Some children may get an even better result than this and some may find the lenses to be less effective. 

The results of a large trial on soft contact lenses for myopia management (MiSight) has found that over a three year period half of the eyes that were studied had no change in prescription and over six years a quarter of eyes had no change. The children in this study were aged between eight to twelve years with a starting prescription of between 0.50 and 4.00DS with astigmatism of <0.75DC.

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